How to Use Investor Reports

Everyone who follows the markets knows that institutions move markets. When institutions invest in an early stage public company by means of a traditional private placement, they strongly believe that the management and future prospects of the company are greatly undervalued. And many times they are right! The general investing public usually realizes the value of the stock sometime after the placement, causing the stock to rise dramatically. As an Individual Investor, you can use PlacementTracker Investor Reports to track the investment activity and success record of a particular Institutional Investor. For instance, if you wish to follow the early stage public companies that Bill Gates has invested in through his Cascade Investments fund, you can easily search for and purchase this report online at PlacementTracker. Simply type in keyword "Cascade" in the Investor Report search section and click the FIND button. When you've located Cascade Investments, click the link and you will be asked to login or register to purchase the report.

You can also use Investor Reports to see the performance history of Institutions who have invested in companies that you own. You can see the specific companies the investor has funded as well as Investor's average historical performances for their investments.

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