How to Use Investor Reports

If you are one of the people who have the responsibility of managing a public company, you know how important it is to have the right investment partners throughout every growth stage of your company. If you have been through the process of raising capital in a private placement, you know how difficult it is to get the information you need on the private placement market and the institutions that participate in it.

PlacementTracker Investor Reports give you the information you need to know on each and every institutional investor who has participated in the private placement market since 1995. Specifically, you can find out information about the investor such as the amount of money it invests in private placements, the typical size and industry of the company in which it invests, and the specific transactions in which it has participated. When looking at the specific transactions, you can track the success record of the institution's investments and decide whether you want your company to be part of that record. This is the type of due diligence you need to do before even entertaining a transaction proposal.

Moreover, the Investor Reports take out the guesswork of finding an institutional partner. You may have relied on consultants, attorneys, and investment banks to do time staking and expensive research to get this information on institutions. Now, with PlacementTracker, you can accomplish the same research with a few clicks of a mouse and at a fraction of the cost.

Just go to our Investor Reports section, and search by Keyword for any investor you have contacted or are interested in contacting. If a link showing the name of the investor you are interested is displayed, there is a report available in our database for your review. Just click the link to get access to that report. There is a fee of $250.00 for each Investor Report. Because the information in these reports will narrow your investor search and reduce your due diligence expense dramatically, these fees are a small price to pay!

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